Kombucha - Ginger

Ginger Kombucha, Probiotic Kitchen Kombucha creates beautifully hand-crafted, honest kombucha. PBK injects modernism and bold flavours based on real ingredients into a quality kombucha with an emphasis on sustainability and seasonality. It embraces ancient fermentation techniques and pairs them with modern and natural flavours from organic and local producers. As small batch brewers, we ensure quality ingredients and honest methods. A subtle, palatable drink that aligns perfectly with good gut health. Drink it slow.

Serving 330ml
Calories 27
Protein (g) <1
Carbs (g) 4.95
Sugar (g) 3.63
Fat (g) <1


Ingredients: Organic tea, Organic kombucha culture, Organic Sugar, Ginger (5%), filtered water, organic stevia