How to Manage & Update your Subscription

How to Manage your Athletes Nutrition Subscription 


  1. Log onto the website
  2. click the "Manage Subscription" button on the dashboard
  3. Once logged in you can manage your subscription via the drop downs including, Pausing, skipping weeks, swapping meals, updating shipping and payment methods and more..
  4. Example of skipping a week or more.
  5. Example of swapping meals in your subscription.


Adding Meals to your subscription:

  1. Log onto the website 
  2. Navigate to our menu 
  3. From our menu you can tap the "add to subscription & save" checkbox followed by the "Add to existing subscription" button
  4. Confirm the new addition to the menu
  5. Once meal has been added you can view your order or close the checkbox to add more meals and items to your subscription.