Kombucha - Peach & Ginger

Naturally brewed kombucha, Lo Bros. Kombucha is small batch brewed to ensure the best quality, never heat pasteurised, using a natural fermentation process produces a multitude of beneficial living bacteria and enzymes, The probiotic bacteria in every bottle is alive for the full shelf life, Naturally low in sugar.

Serving 330ml
Calories 18
Protein (g) <1
Carbs (g) 3.5
Sugar (g) 3.3
Fat (g) <1


Ingredients: Kombucha* (Water, kombucha Culture*, Green Tea*, Oolong Tea*, Raw Sugar*), Sweeteners* (Naturally Fermented Glucose (Erythritol), Stevia Leaf (Steviol Glycosides)), Natural Extracts (<1%), (Ginger, Lemon Juice), Peach Juice (<1%), Probiotics (<1%) *Certified Organic Ingredient